Signed and Sealed With a Kiss

Added by on 2022-10-03

Have you ever dreamed about an ideal boyfriend? The premium gay game Signed and Sealed With a Kiss is an ideal variant for you. In this game, one day you receive an unexpected package delivery. You open it a discover a handsome guy inside. He comes with instructions and it’s your goal to shape him into a proper person since he’s actually a doll with no identity. So it is up to you to raise your own perfect boyfriend. You could choose from 4 different personalities that differ and have unique features. There also are available several expansion personalities. Choose your own pronouns (he/she/they) & anatomical preferences (masculine/feminine/ambiguous) and choose pastimes and jobs for boyfriend in order to influence his personality. Check out two distinct endings to each personality and discover plenty of random events. Enjoy 15 to 20 hours of gameplay in this wonderful game available exclusively on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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