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Those Days – Android APK

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[icon name="android" prefix="fab"] DOWNLOAD APK (138 MB) "Those Days" and it is about a guy that decides that he will be spending a few days in his family's farmhouse. There he meets Cott, Salmi and later on a few other characters that will make his vacation a bit more interesting.​ [icon name="android" prefix="fab"] DOWNLOAD APK (138 MB)

Comfwee Café – Android APK

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[icon name="android" prefix="fab"] DOWNLOAD APK (73 MB) Welcome to Comfwee Café! Here, you can receive comfort from three gentle waiters.If something is troubling you, the waiters will do their best to cheer you up! All they want is to make you feel better and treat you like you're a part of their family. Though, they barely get customers in their café, so they aren't making any profit... It's up to you to help them and their business! (This game isn't trying to provide or be...

Cumming Hotel – A Gay Furry Slice of Life

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RPG Hot Furry gay game Cumming Hotel is about two friends Bruce and Kyle who were hunting together and suddenly fell in love. They got married, bought an unprofitable hotel and now their goal is to earn a certain amount of rupees before the deadline. Find out how their naughty adult adventure ends in this wonderful gay game that combines Slice of life parts with JRPG elements. Unique job system will make the process more interesting. Take control over one o...

Full Service

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Action Adventure Beautiful visual novel premium gay game Full Service is about a young workaholic stud called Tomoki Nakamoto. His dull and boring life of an office clerk changes after he pays a visit to an exclusive spa. Explore the city of Morningwood, experience the intriguing story and complete various mini-games in order to foster friendships and relationships while learning more about the characters. In this game, you have four main ch...

Signed and Sealed With a Kiss

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Visual Novel Dating Sim Simulation Have you ever dreamed about an ideal boyfriend? The premium gay game Signed and Sealed With a Kiss is an ideal variant for you. In this game, one day you receive an unexpected package delivery. You open it a discover a handsome guy inside. He comes with instructions and it's your goal to shape him into a proper person since he’s actually a doll with no identity. So it is up to you to raise your ow...