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Burning Horns: A Bara Isekai JRPG

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JRPG Action Adventure Burning Horns is a classic JRPG gay game about a handsome firefighter student from Brazil who was summoned by attractive wizard Zafir to a magical realm where he meets muscular warriors and not only. Other creatures like elves and satyrs live freely among humans and experience free love without prejudice. However, their usual lifestyle is in danger thanks to Onoob Asrol, a scary realm-riding demon who wants to turn every...

Signed and Sealed With a Kiss

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Visual Novel Dating Sim Simulation Have you ever dreamed about an ideal boyfriend? The premium gay game Signed and Sealed With a Kiss is an ideal variant for you. In this game, one day you receive an unexpected package delivery. You open it a discover a handsome guy inside. He comes with instructions and it's your goal to shape him into a proper person since he’s actually a doll with no identity. So it is up to you to raise your ow...

No Thank You!!!

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Visual Novel Kinetic Novel No Thank You!!! is one of the best dating gay games that can be found on the Internet. In the game, you play the role of a protagonist who saves man and gets hit by a car losing his memory in the process. The man he saved gives him a job at his bar. This bar from the outside may look like a cosy jazz bar, but it also has another side to it. Our hero finds out that they have to solve problems that the police and private ...

Villain Project

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Casual Puzzle Villain Project is a unique puzzle gay game dedicated to all fans of fantasy theme and hard cocks. This jigsaw puzzle game differs from traditional ones of the genre. Here you get an image that corresponds to a respective piece of narrative. Each beautiful image is like a chapter of a book. When you connect them, you get a chance to see the adventure of a young man. He is trying to learn about theft and magic. Besides that, he is also v...