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Reform School

The prospect of being sent to St. Agnes Reform School is far from pleasant, especially when your worst bully awaits, ready to intensify your torment. A peculiar detail emerges, though – why does he seem to be oddly aroused? "Reform School" unfolds as a provocative exploration of power dynamics, presenting players with a choice: confront your tormentors, seeking revenge and climbing the social hierarchy, or embrace submission, surrendering to your place beneath stronger-willed individuals. This kinky gay game delves into a world of degradation, fueled by intense power dynamics. Brace yourself for an experience laden with name-calling, humiliation, cruelty, and both psychological and physical abuse. If you're seeking lovey-dovey relationships or a vanilla narrative, this story might not align with your preferences. It's essential to note that the game relies solely on wordy writing and your imagination, with no images beyond avatars. Prepare for a unique journey that challenges boundaries and pushes the limits of your imagination.

A gayme by Aalexxxx000

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