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This is a handjob mini gay game. The target is a boxer who has been defeated in underground boxing. As the winner, the player forces the loser, the boxer, to ejaculate.

*No sound is produced.
*When the climax gauge reaches MAX, the ending will occur immediately. It's over in one shot, but you can cycle through it immediately by pressing the ResetBar button.
*The electric massager can be turned on and off with the switch at the bottom. If you turn it off, it will automatically turn on.
*Press the speech bubble below the climax gauge to switch between displaying lines → fixing → hiding.

Ending: 3 (only difference in ejaculation amount)
Postscript (SS): 0 (No prologue SS)
Options: 3 (beard/body hair/hair)

How to play:

- LustEdge is a mini-game where you use your hands, tools, etc. to make a strong man cum.
- If you don't let the orgasm gauge reach MAX and keep it in the yellow/red zone and tease her, the excitement gauge will rise.
- Depending on the excitement gauge, the game will branch into either no ejaculation (game over) or ejaculation (small, medium, large).
*The excitement gauge does not decrease over time. Even after ejaculation, you can return to the initial state using the ResetBar button.
*After climax, the excitement gauge will be fixed, but it is possible to continue teasing during ejaculation.


If you press the word "Climax" in the upper right corner five times, you will not climax even if the gauge reaches MAX.
If you press "Climax" again, it will return to normal.

A gayme by BasarakaNiche | Support Game!

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