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Very Scary Gays (Demo)

Welcome to Your Best Nightmare! Unsure of where to start with your brand new college degree? Are the bears in your life already taken or not ghoulish enough? Yearning for the exhilaration of possible demise in your dating life? Very Scary Gays can help! From the soft himbos to the party hoes, all of these human-ish men are ready to start a new life with you.
This campy dating simulator is about creating a poorly-researched startup with your pansexual of choice and nearly getting arrested, injured, or killed in the process... Most injuries are bear-hug-related.

The Demo:
The demo of Very Scary Gays features about an hour of content for a single playthrough (some choices lead to additional scenes!), including over 14,500 words, eleven custom backgrounds, six datable monster men, and a setup to the silly little plot for your silly little heart.

Gayme from Goose&Quail

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