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Manful The Tennis Player

On the tennis court, you meet attractive hunk with blond hair who agrees to be your game partner. His name is Kaen and he comes often there because this court is very close to his space. So in this wonderful gay sex game, your goal is to flirt with this hot guy and become his partner in the bedroom.

Gayme by Humplex.

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    Somebody 2 years ago

    Balls Licking Ending

    Touch – Net
    Talk – Hello, man!
    Talk – Come here often?
    Talk – are you a professional tennis player ?
    Talk – i’d sure like to fondle your ‘Huge racket’
    Back< Are all tennis players as handsome as you ?
    Talk – Your shirt must be soaking wet…
    Talk – Hey, I can see through your shorts!
    Back< Man, I really…
    Talk – So, you must be good at handling ball, huh?
    Talk – Let's get you naked!
    Touch – Cock
    Talk – Serve me some of that load, stud!

    Bed Ending

    Talk – Hello, man!
    back< Nice to meet you
    Touch – wall
    Talk – Come here often?
    Talk – Why do you wear a cap?
    Talk – i'd sure like to fondle your 'huge racket'
    back< are all tennis player as handsome as you?
    Talk – hey,i can see through your shorts
    Touch – leg, butt
    Talk – i hear to tennis player, 'love' means nothing
    back< Man, I really gotta touch your body
    Talk – Let's get you naked
    Touch – Cock
    Talk – Serve me some of that load, stud!

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    Corey 1 year ago

    Damnnn, love the colours. Love his hairy fuckin balls. And he’s making me want to get my balls licked and wet

  • Avatar photo
    Anonymous 2 months ago