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Doug’s Night Out

It's party time! Hot sexy guy Doug has a night out and goes to the club to dance naked and walk through the dance floor searching for like-minded boys to bonk and increase sexual skills to have sex with the stripper.

Category: 3D, Adventure, Dating

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  • dont know how to play

    • Teuby 5 months ago

      There is a green button on the buttom right of your screen, it’s kind of a joystick for you to move the main character around (up,down,right,left). Once it’s tilted, press “space” on your keyboard to make the main character walk. Then when you close to something with which you can interact, a button on your screen will show. Sometime you have to click on the screen to interact with objects/people (ie: touch someone pants to make it go away, then touch his cock to suck it, and so on). Once you got that it’s pretty intuitive.

  • Anonymous 4 months ago

    ok what do you do

  • Gaymer 4 months ago

    Dougs Night Out Walkthrough

    There aren’t too many dialog options, so getting to the right option shouldn’t be too hard, so I am leaving that part out. But here is everything else:

    – After you get the trashcan guy off (learning move 2), he goes away and the trash can falls over. Next to the magazine on the ground is a crumpled up piece of paper. Pick that up by clicking on it with the mouse, then go to the bouncer. When you have the note and interact with the bouncer, the option should come up saying “I have a note from Billy” that will get you in the club for the rest of the game.

    – Go to the bathroom and get the guy there off (learning move 3). When he’s on the ground, his wallet is by his pants on the floor, take his money by clicking on it with the mouse. That will allow you to buy a drink from the bartender.

    – Also, in the bathroom, walk by the mirror in the bottom left. After you get yourself off in the mirror you (learn move 4).

    – Now you can buy a drink from the bartender, ask for his finest, he’ll offer you the option to go into the back room. When he is hard, click on the blue Skyy bottle with the mouse. Shove the bottle up the bartender’s bum all the way and leave it like that, he’ll eventually nutt (earning you move 5)

    – You can now go to the dancer and interact with him, beating the game. It’s free play after that.

    – For the easter eggs:
    *Mouse click the beer mug on the bar for a special interaction.
    *Mouse click on the guy in the bar on the cellphone’s pants to pull them down, then mouse click on his cock for a special interaction.