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Casual Strip – The Prisoner

By popular demand, another game from Casual Strip series. You have to strip the Prisoner and make him cum - and if you do the right talk and touches, you can watch two hot animated endings!

Gayme by SexyG.

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    Anonymous 1 year ago

    how to get the two special ending

  • Avatar photo
    marc 1 year ago

    Playing with cuffs ending:

    1 Touch: cuffs
    2 Hello
    3.How hard…
    8 …little hot…
    9 Touch: abs

    11 Touch: bulge

    13 …underwear off?
    14 …criminal!
    15 Touch: pec
    16 Touch: Cock 2 times
    17 Shoot!

    Busted in the ass ending:

    1 Touch: bar
    2 How hard…
    3 …dangerous..?

    5 …uniform…?
    > (…dangerous…)
    6 …shorts?
    7 …shower.
    8 Touch: underwear(right)
    9 Touch: nipple(close the speech baloon)
    10 …cross.

    12 …underwear off…?
    13 Touch: nipple
    14 Touch: cock(just once)
    15 Shoot!

  • Avatar photo
    John 1 year ago

    Can you upload Casual Strip: The hunter thank 😀

  • Avatar photo
    Anonymous 1 year ago

    I can’t get the Busted in ass ending:((

  • Avatar photo
    Anonymous 1 year ago

    Every time I get to the 3rd talk option nothing shows up?

  • Avatar photo
    Anonymous 1 year ago

    for some reason I can’t push the start button