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Hard Blade – Goro’s Adventure

Goro is a seasoned adventurer on a mission to rescue the kingdom's prince, who has been kidnapped yet again.
Hard Tale is a short Erotic gay RPG where you explore a dungeon, fight against the dungeon master and its traps and save the Prince.

>LeftClick/Touch/X/Space : Confirm/Interact
>RightClick/Touch with two fingers on screen/Esc/Ins : Cancel/Open Menu
>Keep pressing confirm button: Skip text/Speed up event
>Shift + arrow (if using keyboard)= dashing movement

A gayme by Satyroom

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    what’s the damn point of playing this if it doesn’t have the sex scenes

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    anonymousM 11 months ago

    whats the code?

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    Anonymous 11 months ago

    Good ending :

    >Complete the dungeon until the end. Get the Prince sex scene.

    Bad ending :

    > Put the code in the chest. (code: slut)

    > Get the immediate loose against the slime => CG Scene 1

    > Keep going until you meet the minotaur => Cg Scene 2

    > Go to the dungeon master route => CG scene 3 Bad ending.

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    Anonymous 4 months ago

    is there a way to get the none demo version

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    Someone 2 months ago

    I think, in order to put the code, you need to tell the man outside of the dungeon that you’ve already played, because I said “NO” and the chest didn’t give me the option to use the code (which is already in other comment here).

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    Anonymous 1 day ago

    is there still sex scene in thiss?