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Human Cargo: Razix and Chill

A short sexy fan game based on the Human Cargo. Control Razix's pace by tapping or clicking. Fill the Cumbar by scroling enough points.
[Android users may receive a warning and may take some time to fully load.]


GOAL - Fill the Razix's bar to send him over the edge!
CONTROL - Continuously clicking/tapping quickly or slowly sets Razix's pace.
SWEET SPOT - Hitting his sweet spot pace, signified by a white ring and a smile, will gradually fill Razix's bar.
TOO SLOW - Being too slow, marked by a blue ring and a bored expression, will decrease Razix's bar.
TOO FAST - Indicated by an orange ring and a distressed face, clicking/tapping too fast will also decrease Razix's bar.

Gayme by Wolfscade

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