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Manful The Male Nurse

You arrive at the hospital for a regular checkup. While waiting for the doctor, you can spend time with attractive male nurse Kayler. He is happy to hang out with you and make you feel comfortable. Play this amazing game created by Humplex games and try to find out if he is willing to take off his uniform and not only. Gayme by Humplex.

Gayme from Humplex.

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  • is there anyserets

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      Talk: Hello, Nurse?
      Talk: It’s a little cold here.
      Talk: Can you lend me your shirt?
      Touch: All
      Talk: You look like you workout a lot.
      ← Back
      Talk: Your clothes look really comfortable.
      Talk: Your undershirt looks real soft…
      Touch: All
      Talk: Is it ok if I borrow your pants?
      Touch: All
      Talk: Mmm, great looking body!
      ← Back
      Talk: I’m getting so hot looking at you…
      Talk: You feel so good and warm, babe.
      Talk: Let me have your boxers…
      Touch: All
      Talk: Give me that load, stud!

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