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Secret Strip 5 – An exotic indian

Another game from the Secret Strip series by SexyG, this time - an exotic indian.

- Click on his face to change it.
- Click on his clothes or items and see if they disappear.
- Each one of his clothes or items are related to a face. Before stripping them, remember to put the right face on.
- Different clothing or stripping and face combinations strips other clothes or items.
- To put his items or clothes back, click its respective heart.

When naked:
- Change the face and click his "package" to gain points.
- The lower points ends the game, yhe minimum leads you to the boner state, where you will have to keep the procedure.
- The more points you gain, more cum will be in the cum wet pic. The maximum cum amount you will grant you the freestyle mode.

Gayme from SexyG

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  • Anonymous 1 week ago

    Just need help on the game, what to do?

  • Anonymous 1 week ago

    How to get the necklace off?

    • Gaymer 1 week ago

      Choose face #6, then press the second heart from the top to put the bracelet back and then you can take off the necklace

  • basicsis 1 week ago

    I can’t get the necklace off 🙁

  • John 1 week ago

    Can you upload secret strip: the hunter. Thank

  • Guide Secret Strip 5

    Bulge veil : Face 5

    Bracelet : Face 1

    Pants : Face 3

    Necklace : Face 6 + Bracelet

    Jacket : Face 3 + Bracelet + Pants

    Piercing : Face 6 + Bulge veil + Pants

    Hat : Face 2 + Necklace + Jacket

    Underwear : Face 3 + Pants + Necklace

  • Anonymous 1 week ago

    timer is too fast how to get enough points??

  • Anonymous 16 hours ago

    Anyone have tips on gaining points?