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The Secret of the Restroom

The Secret of the Restroom is a furry porn flash game. The goal is to do a great, memorable blow job to some random restroom visitor.
To play the game, you will need to move your hand back and forth a lot :3 Oh, by that I mean to move your mouse. Yup - there are no "Faster" "Slower" or "Deeper" buttons. YOU control everything like never before!
Character's head will follow your mouse cursor, from one end of the cock to the another. Additionally, use left mouse button to operate with your character's tongue. Try different cocks and different difficulty levels! Follow the hints to make cock cum even more than usual! Find a hidden secret! Do your best to satisfy the visitor!

- 3 difficulty levels
- 6 different cocks to suck!
- over 70 lines of text responses to your actions!
- You have full control of the movement!
- 7 different special moves that increase pleasure of your guest
- Cum shots depend on your character's head position: you control where the sperm is going!
- 1 in-game secret to be found!

A furry gayme by Marvin.

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