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Bara Blackjack

In a small medieval town, you're playing blackjack with a handsome orc blacksmith covered in fur and butter. To your right is a Magic Orb Dealer that allows you to play stake games with less cheating and higher payouts and other "features". Who knows where the story will go next. But one thing's for sure, this weird wall of meat is playing on a regular basis.

The game is very much like what you imagine. Play regular blackjack and try to go up or get close to 21 without going over. The Magic Orb Dealer will decide who draws first and will deal random cards. You can change your bet by clicking on the bet and money text in the upper left corner. The strip version is pretty obvious, the more you win, the more clothes the muscled orc loses. Also you can press the cam button to switch the position of the cam to look under the table.

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