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Bump in the Night

If you think that gay monster blowjobs sounds like fun, then you'll want to try Bump in the Night. Do your thing, and give your bud a perfect 10, if you think you can. It's harder than it looks! Hope you have as much fun playing it as I did making it!

Well Muggins, you've had your turn, now it's time to return the favor, and help Heavy J lighten his load! Use the mouse to control your movements. Hovering over the hearth sweet spots will get him off, but if you really want to blow his mind, try getting him really worked up first! Click when you're are lined up with a flashing target to perform a dirty flourish! The more you move, the faster your targets activate! Try to tickle the sweet spots instead of hovering to keep things moving! Be carefull not to let J hit the bottom of the gauge, and make sure you don't let him hit the top before you are ready!

Category: Mouse Skill


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