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Fantasy Football Locker Stalker

!!! This game is over 100 MB, so it can take a long time to load !!!
You play as a creepy guy who sneaks around in the locker room of the “Vegas Jacks.” You must hide in the lockers and snap photos of guys dressing, undressing, and showering. If you escape undetected, your photos are saved and you can view them at your leisure. The game is quite difficult, and it will take some time to understand the game’s flow.

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  • farwmak 1 month ago

    The game comes with a list of achievements you can unlock to see bonus artwork and comics. When you complete them all you’ll see other hidden comics to complete their stories.

    Achievement List:

    – Chickened Out! Leave the room before any Jacks enter.
    – Good Run! Leave the room after 5 Jacks have left.
    – Overtime! Leave the room after 10 Jacks have left.
    – Last Man Standing! Leave the room after all 21 Jacks have left.
    – Close Quarters! See three Jacks in the shower at once.
    – Gentle Judgement! Get caught by Roy-Grant after stealing his Jock on the same run.
    – My Favorite Pair! Collect 5 of Clyde’s Jocks.
    – I was just leaving! Get caught by the first Jack that enters the room.
    – Biding my time! Skip 10 games without entering the locker room.
    – Prime Specimens! Escape the room with both MVPs Jocks
    – Number One Fan! Collect at least one Jock and three A-Ranked photos of each Jack.