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Lust Novel 1

A tickling mini-novel for gays. The target is a baseball team member.

* No sound is produced.
* If you are playing on a smartphone, please hold it vertically (portrait screen).

Yohei Suzaki, a member of the baseball team, sneaks out during a club practice session indoors due to the rain, and is caught by coach Hayakawa on suspicion of peeking into another club's locker room. What awaited Susaki, who refused to admit that she had peeked, was a tickling interrogation that would make her sweatier than her club activities...
Ending: 1
Postscript (SS): 2 (no prologue SS) ⇒ If you have difficulty reading it, you can also read it on Pixiv.
Options: 6 (beard, body hair, hair, undershirt, upper body, blindfold)

How to play:

LustNovel is a mini-novel game with touching scenes using hands and tools. During the touching scene, press the SKIP (NEXT when the gauge is MAX) button to proceed to the next scene. Gauges in each scene can be reset. * In this game, the gauge will not decrease no matter which part you touch, so feel free to touch any part you like.

* The gauge and dialogue fields can be erased by pressing the × button. If you press the same part, it will be displayed again.

A gayme by BasarakaNiche. | Support Game!

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