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Pizza Deliver – Gay Dreams

26.64K Played4 Comments

Pizza Delivery - flash game xxx from Gay Dreams series. The story of actions takes place after the Christmas party at home of the main character. So his fridge is totally empty and he is very hungry! Then he decides t...

Purgatory Boy

9.91K Played0 Comments

Shemale frotting mini porn game.

Gay Bus

5.00K Played0 Comments

See the yellow bus with the sign «Gay»? Your aim is to drive it right to the gay-club. You will see homosexuals in sailor hats standing on your way. Hit them to gain points because you don't like them. Kill as ma...

Fight Night

12.52K Played0 Comments

Gay arkanoid game.

Space Dandy: Meow

10.85K Played2 Comments

Furry gay sex game by ZonkPunch.


22.73K Played2 Comments

Sex slave prep. Furry gay game.

Flash Game Pilots Gay 3

13.32K Played0 Comments

Very blue sky, fresh air and flight, all these should give you an idea to have some cool sex! So what that there is no any girls,you don't need them. It's better try something forbidden. Your boyfriend also ...

Manful The Pop Star

32.95K Played8 Comments

Flash Game – Gay Dick 2

12.86K Played0 Comments

Second part of Gay Dick is a gay flash game for boy who wants to relax this evening. In this sexy game you will meet a handsome guy just in a t-shirt. Just imagine: nothing else, so his big cock wish a petting. Take c...

Anubis Curse

15.97K Played0 Comments

Anubis Curse - funny gay xxx animation about fallic wolf. So you like big cocks and balls? Check this out!

A New Crush

18.08K Played3 Comments

Hot gay story in nice pictures. Live moments in this porn game. Enjoy!

Manful The Doctor

28.89K Played5 Comments

Final Fantasy XIII Servicing Snow

36.19K Played5 Comments

Cory In The House

10.18K Played0 Comments

Mini gay game for adults - Cory In The House! Sex parody of the famous TV series studio Disney -  "That's So Raven".

Gay Jerk Off 4

18.74K Played0 Comments

A beautiful guy is waiting for you in a new porno flash game under the title Gay Jerk Off 4. This pretty boy stimulates his love juice. Help him reach his stormy orgasm. Hold the mouse and move it up and down to let h...

Guanino – Vindictus: Kai Lunde Gives a Few Fucks

29.21K Played1 Comments

YAOI gay sex game

Goat Demon

12.70K Played2 Comments

Goat Demon - Gay loop.

Scent Bioshock Infinite The Raw End of the Deal

63.36K Played9 Comments

Flash Guy St

21.16K Played0 Comments

Tekken Miguel Caballero Rojo

61.24K Played15 Comments

Hot guy can’t stand the tension and start hitting on his friend. This is a game about sex between two men. Gay game by Scent.

Beast Boytiality

23.97K Played1 Comments

Two fantastically beautiful gays make blowjob to each other! Other guys are sweet fucking! This porn game will please you!

Keric’s Komplex – Chapter 2

27.85K Played2 Comments

Keric's Komplex 2 is a sequel to Keric's Komplex gay flash game. If you played the first chapter, you'll enjoy playing the second one! Keric introduces a lot of sexual adventures this morning. Take your part in this d...

Manful The Lifeguard

24.48K Played2 Comments

BlodiaX Dragon Ball Z Gohan

74.36K Played29 Comments

Game Password:

The Gay Cat Adventure

8.84K Played0 Comments


28.18K Played1 Comments

Awankar - Avatar flash game by Garyu. Great porn game for gays. Caress this handsome, that he would have fun! Enjoy this xxx game!

Manful The Accountant

20.78K Played10 Comments

Manful The Runner

38.54K Played9 Comments

Manful The IT Technician

20.85K Played4 Comments

Humbuged Manful The Boxer

19.75K Played1 Comments


63.66K Played3 Comments

This time we are proud to bring you the next most requested feature. Man on man action! Currently there are 2 scenes and a few new clothing options for your boy toys.

Inuyasha Dress-Up Game

43.90K Played8 Comments

Robot Gay

7.19K Played0 Comments

Manful The Cowboy

29.22K Played2 Comments

Manful The Plumber

48.76K Played5 Comments

Manful The Mailman

44.64K Played10 Comments

Manful The Sailor

18.67K Played1 Comments

Lay Street Fighter Ryu’s Wood Cabin

61.07K Played11 Comments

Kangaskhan And Meowth

10.65K Played1 Comments

Kangaskhan And Meowth - Pokemon animation by SiberianCrystAlx.


8.86K Played0 Comments

Ainhanda - Gay sex loop by Washa.

Fun While On Guard

12.12K Played0 Comments

Fun While On Guard - Random fun. Gay sex loop.

Queer Power

11.76K Played0 Comments

Queer Power - Forget what you learned at school about the two genders and enjoy the trip!

Hunkcraft 1: Dorcas In Pherae

30.21K Played10 Comments

Hunkcraft - Gay dating simulation game.

Metal Gear Solid X: Hard Snake

38.62K Played16 Comments

Hover your cursor on Snake's cock to "rub" it, giving him a hard-on. The cum-o-meter constantly depletes, so be quick!

Manful The Quarterback

24.90K Played3 Comments

Force Feeding Panda

15.49K Played0 Comments

Furry gay sex game by PassChan.

CrimsonBlood’s Scanning Machine

17.81K Played2 Comments

CrimsonBlood's Scanning Machine - Gay mini game my CrimsonBlood.

Pirate Gay Porn Game 8

20.52K Played0 Comments

Pirate Gay Porn Game 8 let you penetrate in a gay world of cool sex and caress! Wish fuck a handsome gay with a full-beautiful muscular system? Go ahead as bruisers also like have hot sex! Take your time with this adu...