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Kitchen Fever

15.46K Played3 Comments

Go to a charity party, find a nice guy and get a lot of new experiences!

Manful The Chef

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Manful The Army Officer

12.24K Played3 Comments

The Punisher Swallow That Dick!

13.68K Played2 Comments

Keric Sucking

18.94K Played3 Comments

Want to get a good quality blowjob and a lot of pleasure? Just play the gay porn game Keric Sucking with great animation and graphics quality. The controls are very simple –- you can choose one of four speeds and zoom...

Manful: The Butcher by Humplex

15.52K Played1 Comments

Butt Slap Ending Talk: Hi, bro.Talk: You own this place?Talk: How long have you owned this place?Talk: Can I try that apron on?← BackTalk: Your costumers must love you.Talk: Are those your work pants?Touch: Ass← B...

Manful The Paperboy

11.75K Played1 Comments

Yaoi boys to fuck

8.22K Played1 Comments

Select yaoi boy you want to fuck this time and enjoy!

Guanino Devil May Cry Dante 2 Ride it Like a True Demon

9.93K Played0 Comments

Devil May Cry Dante 2 Ride it Like a True Demon - Gay Sex Game by Guanino

Manful The Librarian

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6.75K Played0 Comments

Enimenie - Interracial gay sex animation.

Final Fantasy XIII: Snow Villiers Masturbates

9.09K Played0 Comments

Rub the penis from base to tip to fill the Cum Bar. *Don't click your mouse buttons. Game mode will change how you play the game: EASY - the cum bar doesnn't deplete. NORMAL - the cum bar depletes. HINT: Playing in NO...

Humbuged Manful The Burglar

9.23K Played2 Comments

Spanking Ending Talk: Hey! Touch: Chimney Talk: You must be very fit to climb up walls. Talk: How come you’re doing this? Talk: What are you hiding under your pants? Touch: Butt ← Back Talk: You’re very sexy… Talk: T...

Flash Guy Relaxation Time 2014

11.76K Played0 Comments

Collect 50 swirlies to make relax guy cum

Town wreck 2

4.97K Played0 Comments

In this next part of the this adult game you'll see lot of extreme gay sex, ball-busting, nice hot men and more. An imp arrives at a this town. His important mission is recruitment - making sure that every man in...

Jerck Off Gay Game 3D

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Gay Sex Game is a gay dick game that will excite you this a pleasant evening. A blond boy will help you satisfy your fantasy. He will let you play with his huge penis. He don’t like jerk off, so masturbate using your ...


17.89K Played10 Comments

Straight game - There are two things that you need to know about this gay visual novel, and they are that it's still a work in progress, and it has plenty of gay themes. The entire story revolves around Zack, and it's...


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Make Him Cum 1

10.99K Played0 Comments

Manful The Firefighter

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Flash Game – Gay Dick 6

4.20K Played0 Comments

Ebony gay jerk off in room. That is why he decided to shoot milk bullets. This young gay definitely knows how to get satisfaction. Watch his masturbation - gay show if you want to spend your evening with real pleasure...

Manful The Pirate

10.46K Played6 Comments

Gay Jerk Off

9.09K Played0 Comments

Do you jerk off alone today? Our site offer you does in a company! One sweet and handsome guy is masturbation off all along. Help this unhappy guy laying on the carpet just cum. Masturbate his dick as fast as you can ...

Dragon Buddies

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Dragon Buddies - Gay sex loop.

Manful The Baseball Player

12.96K Played4 Comments

Castro Cummunity Theatre 1: Rectum For A Dream

3.15K Played0 Comments

Castro Cummunity Theatre - Next porn gay story. This colorful xxx animation will interest you.

Flash Gift Rai

14.60K Played1 Comments

Manful The Manager

20.91K Played5 Comments

Falcon Grey

7.40K Played0 Comments

Strip Falcon!

Castro Cummunity Theatre 4: Rehearsal

4.03K Played1 Comments

Castro Cummunity Theatre! The fourth series of animation for adults. Watch this porn cartoon with beautiful guys and one transvestite. Enjoy.

Manful The Gymnast

12.90K Played2 Comments

Growth Cave

17.14K Played3 Comments

Wish you present new sex 3D flash game for cute guys. Here you can enjoy the scene with slims young man with chained hands. Next he becomes more powerful and very muscular with several initaite growth phases. But most...

Manful The Tennis Player

12.41K Played1 Comments

Flash Gift Zeoh’s Experiment

14.98K Played1 Comments

Manful The Carpenter

11.07K Played2 Comments

Labours of Eros

8.19K Played1 Comments

Eros, the nice god of homoerotic love, is coming of age. He wish to undergo a series of labours to prove his sexy prowess in his destined position. The this adult game uses a simple stone,paper ,scissors mechanism. Tr...

Pirate Gay Porn Game 7

11.17K Played1 Comments

Pirate Gay Porn Game 7 is a sex flash game for you, sweet boys. Here two naked mans hot fucking each other in the ass. In doggie style the love each other without any prejudice. They are not traditional sexual orienta...

Jakbot Quiz Game

13.93K Played2 Comments

Manful The Oil Wrestler

14.51K Played2 Comments

Flash Game – Gay Dick

9.48K Played2 Comments

Summer is a hot sex time! Where relax this long-awaited two weeks? This is a question for the majority of guy. Our sexi hero decided to go on the seashore but he doesn’t have a boy. Become his sex partner for this eve...

Manful The Oil Rig Worker

11.64K Played1 Comments

Manful The Ice Carver

11.78K Played1 Comments

Tag You’re It

7.62K Played1 Comments

Tag You're It - Gay blowjob animation.

Cocks and Boobs

2.56K Played0 Comments

A fun arcade game where you control a gay dude running back and forth and cocks and boobs are raining down from the sky your goal is to run to collect the cocks but avoid the nasty tits.Use the arrow keys to run back ...

Pirate Gay Porn Game

8.77K Played0 Comments

Sex with sweet Gay! This is a porn game that will carry away in a gay world. Here you can do whatever you wish. Just imagine just you and your lover having hard sex in a dangerous adventure. See is hiding many interes...


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Adult yaoi mature sex mini game.

Scanning Machine

16.87K Played2 Comments

Mini adult game for gay -Scanning Machine. To see this guy naked, scan him. Wow, very big and muscular dick !!!

VirtuaGuy Differences

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