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Flash Gift Toraz Rides It

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Fox And Falco

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Fox And Falco - Gay furry sex loop.

Lion’s Pride

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Lion's Pride - Cute furry gay loop.

Final Fantasy X: Wakka Masturbation

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Rub Wakka's cock from base to tip to fill up the Cum Bar. *Don't click your mouse buttons. Game mode will change how you play the game: - EASY - the cum bar doesnn't deplete. - NORMAL - the cum bar depletes. Playing i...

Riding Bonnie

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Riding Bonnie - Interactive gay furry sex animation by PalmarianFire.

Flash Game – Gay Dick 4

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Flash Game – Gay Dick 4 is a sequel to the sex game Flash Game – Gay Dick 3. Here masturbating off ebony gay who is pretending as if he doesn't do anything wrong. How do you think, jerck off is a bad thing? Think abou...

Lion Cub

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Short and cute furry gay game.

Pirate Gay Porn Game 4

2.21K Played0 Comments

Next part gay adult game! Example of a new sex pose that you can use with your partner in this fucking. Step by step you will know how to spice up loves relations. Here one guy is sitting on the knees of another guy. ...

Hipster Dress Up

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Dressup v01

2.32K Played5 Comments

GTA X – Nico’s Solo

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Embracing One’s Demons

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Embracing One's Demons - Gay furry sex loop.

Red XIII Nicobay

1.67K Played1 Comments

Gay sex game by Twinkle. Wonderful mini game for gays - Red XIII Nicobay! This is a porn animation with two animals that fuck in nature!


2.03K Played0 Comments

Two power exorcists enters the night shadow realm, culling the restless spirits in the underworld to preserve balance with the living world. But the shadow realm holds important secrets. Click on the your hero to buil...

Saotome Blow!

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Saotome Blow! - Gay blowjob loop.

Fllash 3D Gay Game

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This is sex game let you penetrate in a gay ocean of sex and pleasure! Wanna fuck a handsome guy with a full-fledged muscular system? Go ahead as bruisers also like have sex! Take your time with this gay game and get ...

Sonic Andy Blow

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Sonic Andy Blow - Sonic gay blowjob loop.

Hemorroid Hero

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X-Men: Nightfall

2.09K Played0 Comments

X-Men: Nightfall - Gay Porn game. Pump the Focus Meter up as the Cum Bar fills for a higher chance of a sticker ending. HINT: Unlock the Movie Mode and Bonus scene on Hard with a filled Focus Meter. Catch the running...

Ultimate Wolf’s

1.28K Played0 Comments

Ultimate Wolf's - Interactive furry gay sex loop.

Furry BJ Flash

1.32K Played0 Comments

Furry BJ Flash - Nice little blowjob animation by NitroTitan.

Flash Guy Armed Forces Day

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Under the snow

2.72K Played0 Comments

Sexy Furry Animation

1.63K Played0 Comments

Sex gay animation! Two cute guys with elastic dicks and their fantasies!

Gay Porn Game 1

1.76K Played0 Comments

Use your mouse to grab his dick and stroke it every time you click on his google muffins again - he will say something sexy. When he is ready to blow - which he does a lot - just sit back and relax while he blows his...

Jerk Off Daniel

1.27K Played0 Comments

Wish you want to spend your time in the company of a very young and nice guy named Daniel? He is loveliness gay so the greatest pleasure for him is a lot of gentle touching man’s hands. Also he likes any touching of h...

Simba’s Closet

1.80K Played0 Comments

Furry gay dress-up game.

Meade 2

1.27K Played0 Comments

Meade 2 - Interactive furry gay animation by h0rs3.

Driver Dreaming

2.25K Played1 Comments

Gay Harem

1.79K Played0 Comments

Sleeping Eric

2.27K Played0 Comments

Mini game by Wahn.

Pokemox Animation

1.71K Played0 Comments

Pokemox Animation - Pokemon gay sex animation by ZpectralKrystal.

Flash Game Pilots Gay 6

1.95K Played1 Comments

Flash Game Pilots Gay 6 gives the opportunity to make sex with a beautiful man. Play with his muscular body. Feel yourself as a good master in gays love. Have you ever wish to have your own slave whom you can fuck all...

Furry Threesome Bondage

1.59K Played0 Comments

Furry Threesome Bondage - Interactive gay furry animation.

It’s Going In

2.13K Played0 Comments

It's Going In - Male dog dildo masturbation. Adult animation by PalmarianFire.

Manful The Starship Captain

2.16K Played0 Comments

Rhino Fuck

1.59K Played0 Comments

Rhino Fuck - Interactive gay furry animation.

Lusty Labyrinth

1.22K Played0 Comments

Lusty Labyrinth - Male edition. Gay furry RPG game.

Night Attack!

2.70K Played1 Comments

Strip the man while he sleeps and try to make him cum.

Suck It Good

1.52K Played0 Comments

Gay blowjobs furry mini game by ventkazemary.

Flash Gift Arus & Tentacles

2.73K Played0 Comments

Crimson Blood’s Superman

2.14K Played1 Comments

Superman - Gay. Mini sex game for gay men with a muscular Superman! Undress the guy to the goal.

Cyber Shota This is NOT what you are thinking

2.46K Played0 Comments

Lust For Love 2 – Happy sex!

2.12K Played0 Comments

Gay yaoi mini sex game

King x Horde x Armor King

1.37K Played0 Comments

King x Horde x Armor King - Interactive furry gay sex animation by Ukent.

Cowboy Milking

2.73K Played0 Comments

Cowboy Milking - Gay xxx mini adult game. Help the young cowboy satisfy his boyfriend and get a lot of milk!

Bunny: Link Dungeon Slave!

1.90K Played0 Comments

Mini sex game. This is a cool bdsm game for gays! You caught a furry bunny! Do it very well. Fuck with your finger, stretch the chains, stick a big dick in his cute ass. Enjoy the gay game on our site!

Flash Guy Pride Month 2014

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