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Lust Spank 01

This is a gay butt-spanking mini-novel. The target is a rugby player who used abusive language during the match. Players, acting as referees, should punish the players with spankings.

* No sound is produced.
*Press the speech bubble at the bottom of the vertical gauge to switch between displaying lines, fixing them, and then hiding them.


ITEM:4 (hands, kane, riding whip, rose whip)
OPTION:3 (blindfold, gag, socks)

*The ending will differ depending on the level of excitement in the second stage.
*Both END-A and B have differences in appearance, such as the amount of body fluid that overflows.
*In the second and third stages, you can continue hitting indefinitely by pressing the ∞ mark on the top right.
*If you use your hands on the soles of the feet in the third stage, it will tickle them. (When selecting a random button, do not use your hands)
*Butt cracking refers to underwear called jockstraps.

How to play:

This is a mini-novel about hitting a strong man's buttocks and soles using tools. In the scene where a long gauge is displayed on the right side of the screen, if you stay in the yellow/red zone and tease, the gauge at the bottom will rise. Depending on how the excitement gauge rises in the second stage, the game will branch into END-A, B, and GAMEOVER.

* The gauge below does not decrease over time. Even after ejaculation or incontinence, you can return to the initial state using the ResetBar button.

A gayme by BasarakaNiche | Support Game!

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