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Secret Strip 3 – Street Fighter’s Bison

Funny puzzle gay game in which you have to undress muscular street fighter and accumulate points. Click on his face in order to change it and find a respective item of clothing that can be taken off. When the hunk is naked, change his face and click on his boner in order to gain points and drive the well-built stud to unforgettable and epic orgasm.

- Click on his face to change it.
- Click on his clothes or items and see if they disappear.
- Each one of his clothes or items are related to a face. Before stripping them, remember to put the right face on.
- Different clothing or stripping and face combinations strips other clothes or items.
- To put his items or clothes back, click its respective heart.

When naked:
- Change the face and click his "package" to gain points.
- The lower points ends the game, yhe minimum leads you to the boner state, where you will have to keep the procedure.
- The more points you gain, more cum will be in the cum wet pic. The maximum cum amount you will grant you the freestyle mode.

Gayme from SexyG

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  • I don’t know how to gain points when him naked

    • Anonymous 4 months ago

      It took me 30 minutes trying to figure out how to play, here is a list for M. Bison game.
      After you naked him you have to touch his dick with a particular face:

      3 – 0
      4 – 5
      3 – 10
      5 – 15
      2 – 20
      5 – 25
      1 – 30
      2 – 35
      4 – 45
      4 – 55
      2 – 65
      1 – 75
      5 – 85
      5 – 95
      2 – 105

      At the left is the face he must have, and at the right is the score it will make you have so you can proceed to the next movement.