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Fap Wuffl

39.60K Played13 Comments

In this awesome furry gay game, you have to make handsome anthropomorphic character cum without waking him up. Grey dog is peacefully resting on the bed without any clothes on his muscular body. Your purpose is to increase the cumbar that can be found in the right top corner and make sure the sleepbar doesn't reach 0. Drive dog to an unforgettable orgasm.

Fap Burd

52.03K Played16 Comments

In this Furry game, a naked anthropomorphic bird is sleeping naked in front of you. The main goal of this game is to fill up the cum bar. Also make sure another bar, the sleep one, doesn't reach zero. You will be helped with some tools that you can find in the left part of the screen. Each tool has its own pros and cons so be careful when choosing one of them. Unlock other tools by getting some achievements. Don't forget that you can also fill up own cum bar and thus ejaculate on the bird.