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B-Engel: About Heaven And Hell

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A Gay Visual Novel Step into the celestial role of a guardian angel in "B-Engel: About Heaven And Hell." As an angel sent from the heavens, your mission is to guide Tim, an average young man navigating life's complexities on Earth. But there's a twist – from the moment you make contact, Tim is acutely aware of your presence. While you can sense his emotions and thoughts, influencing his decisions is out of your reach, making your task anything but easy. Tim's heart is secretly devo...

The Moth

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The world is not as it seems. Mysterious forces exist right under our noses, waging a bloody war, the outcome of which could end the world as we know it: demonic legions, self-proclaimed defenders of order, enigmatic witches, clans of different non-humans, as well as horrors that you can't even imagine... And I knew nothing about it. For me, it was a normal day when the duty officer called me to a brutal murder scene. And that day changed everything... FEATURES: Significa...


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Straight!? is a work in progress cinematic visual novel that specifically focuses on NSFW male/male and gay content. It is free-to-play and is funded solely from donations through sources like itch.io or Patreon. It is primarily created by one first-time developer complimented by a small team of friends to help complete his first passion project. Dive into the captivating journey of self-discovery with "Straight!?" - a riveting coming-of-age tale that delves deep into the complex...