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The Stick I Always Fetch NaruKiba

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Naruto Blowjob Sex Loop by Oathkeepers

Naruto Yaoinami Style

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Watch Free Naruto Gay Porn Animation

Fleshlight Loop

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Gay Sex Loop by kien-biu

Naruto Blowjob

39.49K Played4 Comments

Naruto BJ Loop

Yaoi Naruto Dressup

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Simple Naruto Dressup mini game

Naruto blowjobs

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Naruto sucking sex loop

Naruto x Sasuke – Ninja Yaoi: Make Out Tactics 1

103.37K Played4 Comments

Ninja Yaoi: Make Out Tactics vol. 1 - Naruto x Sasuke - Parody Gay Porn Game by AetherMD. How to play: Stroke the body (nipples, navel or genitals) of either guy (including with in the special scenes) to stimulate them to climax.

Naruto Kyuubi Painful Pleasure Gninrom

132.99K Played18 Comments

An amazing mini yaoi porn game dedicated to all fans of Naruto. The main hero of the notorious manga series is anally riding a massive meatstick belonging to a much taller partner. He moans with pleasure nonstop while throbbing dick keeps sliding into his tight ass. Watch till the end in order to enjoy the way both gays reach unforgettable orgasms.

Lust For Love 3

90.30K Played3 Comments

If you are fan of the Yaoi niche, you will like this gay porn game created by AetherMD. Three cute boys are naked and ready to perform unforgettable actions in front of you. They are horny and eager to try double penetration. Spice up the action by clicking on various buttons on the bottom of the screen. Remove or add clothes, switch characters, or choose fuck options. You can even choose wherever they have pubes or shaved groins. Don't forget to zoom in and enjoy the way boys get double pene...

Naruto’s Training

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Take a look at how Naruto is training for his upcoming fights. He creates a shadow clone and teams up with his best friend to have a fantastic gay threesome. Enjoy the way Naruto and his buddy double penetrate helpless clone. Thick cocks enter deep into tight asshole causing clone to moan. Admire the beautiful animation and impudent boys who keep talking dirty while drilling one poor clone. Naruto's Training - Gay Naruto Porn Game.

Ninja Yaoi: Make Out Tactics 2

74.22K Played5 Comments

Ninja Yaoi: Make Out Tactics 2 - Naruto Gay Mini Animation by AetherMD.