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  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Как пройти может кто знает

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    prompt passing?

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    im stuck on the try something lighter part :/

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    1: Any pants, any shoes, All shirtless
    2: Wear nothing
    3: Denim vest, a shirt, Helmart jeans, Laceup flats
    4: Any combinations with Steelclawed combats on
    5: No jacket, Bellhop tank, leather boxers, thong sandals
    6: Copy what Bent was wearing, that is No jacket, Black tank, Bent cargos and Laceup flats
    7: Romantic tunic, panel tank, leather jeans, zipup boots
    8: Arms-Out hoodie, Predistressed tee, Junkyard Jeans
    9: Wear nothing but only Kispet on
    10: Studded Suspenders, Fishnet Halftop, Laced leggings, Shit-Kickers
    11: Touchguy leathers, barechested, junkyard jeans , steelclawed combats => when Bent asked for some more accessories, CLICK LEATHER JOCK and there you go!
    12: Wear nothing but only Leather jock on
    13: Leather Vambrace, Chest harness, Leather bucklejeans, Shit-kickers
    14: Biker Jacket, Barechested, Utility Chaps, Motocross greaves
    15: Officer cuirass, Barechested, Leather jeans, Marching boots
    16: Bike-like hoodie, V-neck tee, helmart jeans, glam sneaks
    17: Studded suspenders, chest harness, leather jock, marching boots
    18: Leather halftop and studded kilt

    After you complete 18 dots, try number 11 again (Touchguy leathers, barechested, junkyard jeans , steelclawed combats) Then Grant will get another boxes containing 8 fancy underwears! woof!!

    • Alex 1 year ago

      Great work. Does anyone know the autor? Are there more versions?

  • can you make it so we can see his dick pleas