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Rylan was living a normal life as a university freshman, until finding himself in a cold basement taped to a chair. His kidnapper soon reveals himself to be John Blanc, a rich douchebag who fancies Rylan, but may be a bit misguided when it comes to the whole romance thing. On top of that, Rylan has no interest in John whatsoever. Luckily, help is near... but will he be able to escape?

Find out in this comedy "horror" rpg maker adventure game!

Controls: [Arrow keys] for movement, [Shift] to run, [Enter] to interact with objects and [Esc] to go to the in-game menu
Playtime: 20 minutes - 1 hour
Endings: 1.5 (You can get the short or the long version of the ending)

A gayme by Hatoge

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