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Shinobudama Senpai Nugashi

Office romances are always a very interesting process to watch. In this flash gay porn game, you control the actions of an innocent office clerk who has a huge crush on his senpai. After crazy party, you somehow manage to return home together with senpai who is a little bit drunk. Strip naked helpless stud and have fun with his thick cock. Actually, this visual novel with game elements has two interesting endings. Don't hesitate to play the entire game in order to see the consequences of office affairs.

There are 2 endings with this flash porn game:

Good Ending: You confess your feelings and the feeling is mutual. You move in with your senpai and fuck like wild monkeys.
Bad Ending: You disgust your senpai and you blackmail him. He then is forced to “service” men for who knows how long. There is also a small flash game in the end where you try to lick your senpai’s dick. Keep clicking until he cums.

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