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Blowjob Bear

7.35K Played10 Comments

Multi Option Sex

10.10K Played7 Comments

Hot passionate sex between two athletic men somewhere on the Island. Choose skin and hair color and nail adorable twink guy harder and harder till an endless stream of sperm fills his back door from the inside.

Manful The Accountant

3.69K Played6 Comments

Dressup v01

5.23K Played5 Comments

Hunkcraft 1: Dorcas In Pherae

4.49K Played4 Comments

Hunkcraft - Gay dating simulation game.

Charmeleon Ass Fuck

2.84K Played3 Comments

Cool gay pokemon xxx game where you can choose the speed of fucking. Look !!! What did you do with your dick, this monster? But, his friend is in orgasm!

Manful The Mailman

3.87K Played3 Comments

Deishido’s Touchdown

4.71K Played3 Comments

Deishido's Touchdown - Gay furry porno game by Deishido. Fluffy kitty wants to experience orgasm. Try to give him the right pleasure. Earn bonuses!

Scent Bioshock Infinite The Raw End of the Deal

12.36K Played2 Comments

Manful The Cowboy

4.10K Played2 Comments

Manful The Superhero

5.21K Played2 Comments

Gay Test

4.39K Played2 Comments

Gay Test is made especially for those people who have the sense of humor. This gay flash game uncovers the major problem of the world.

Brother’s sex toys

6.60K Played2 Comments

Adult gay mini game

3D Porn Game for Gay

2.51K Played2 Comments

3D Virtual Gay - part 3! This is xxx flash game gives you a chance to have a sex with a cute guy on a wild field. Play with his penis and get a sexual pleasure. This guy is waiting for your caress; he will say you ma...

Lay Street Fighter Ryu’s Wood Cabin

7.54K Played2 Comments

BlodiaX Dragon Ball Z Gohan

11.55K Played2 Comments

Game Password:

Harry Potter and the Mysterious Thief part I

3.84K Played2 Comments

Harry Potter and the Mysterious Thief part I is a fan game which takes place in Harry Potter universe. You play as Harry Potter, who is now working as an Auror. Harry has to work on the Mysterious Thief's case togeth...

Night Attack!

6.19K Played1 Comments

Strip the man while he sleeps and try to make him cum.

Flash Game Pilots Gay 6

3.20K Played1 Comments

Flash Game Pilots Gay 6 gives the opportunity to make sex with a beautiful man. Play with his muscular body. Feel yourself as a good master in gays love. Have you ever wish to have your own slave whom you can fuck all...

Naruto’s Training

6.98K Played1 Comments

Naruto's Training - Adult Naruto gay sex animation.

Penile Experiment

2.26K Played1 Comments

Short gay furry game.

Abraxis And Brassotter

2.48K Played1 Comments

Abraxis And Brassotter - Interactive furry gay sex animation by h0rs3.

Lusty Labyrinth Male edition

2.89K Played1 Comments

Gay furry RPG game

Kemono Roster

6.15K Played1 Comments

Gay furry sex game.


5.96K Played1 Comments

This time we are proud to bring you the next most requested feature. Man on man action! Currently there are 2 scenes and a few new clothing options for your boy toys.

A Desire Guy

3.18K Played1 Comments

Its a mini flash sex game with a nasty gay boy! The large the variety of actions is available! Just make him feel good while fingering his ass or stroking his cock! Have a good time!


5.52K Played1 Comments

Awankar - Avatar flash game by Garyu. Great porn game for gays. Caress this handsome, that he would have fun! Enjoy this xxx game!

Manful The Lifeguard

5.38K Played1 Comments

Tekken Miguel Caballero Rojo

8.21K Played1 Comments

Hot guy can’t stand the tension and start hitting on his friend. This is a game about sex between two men. Gay game by Scent.

Monkey Jaken Strip

6.87K Played1 Comments

Play yaoi rock-paper-scissors strip game right now! Two nasty boys are ready to play with you! Select Montaro (easy) or Hiroki (hard) and win to see him stripped down naked! Enjoy!

DrJavi’s Tentacle Rape (YCH)

3.00K Played1 Comments

House Of Morecock 2

2.19K Played1 Comments

House Of Morecock 2 - Fun adult gay animation.

Beefcake dance party

2.61K Played1 Comments

Choose a guy that you like more and to dance with him.

Pool balls

3.34K Played1 Comments

Two furry wolfs gay fucking on a billiard table! Oh my God! What are the big dicks. Hot anal sex. Enjoy!

Crimson Blood’s Superman

3.41K Played1 Comments

Superman - Gay. Mini sex game for gay men with a muscular Superman! Undress the guy to the goal.

Red XIII Nicobay

2.97K Played1 Comments

Gay sex game by Twinkle. Wonderful mini game for gays - Red XIII Nicobay! This is a porn animation with two animals that fuck in nature!

Driver Dreaming

3.85K Played1 Comments


4.92K Played1 Comments

Donkey Solo Fun

2.57K Played1 Comments

Donkey Solo Fun - Furry gay sex loop by h0rs3.

Keric Facial

4.23K Played1 Comments

Jerk off your cock and watch how Keric will swallow each drop of your precious sperm. Cum just to his face! Oh, you can do it many times!


2.78K Played1 Comments

VDO - Adult furry animation by h0rs3.

Manful The Skier

7.29K Played1 Comments

Fap Burd

7.90K Played1 Comments

Furry sex gameFill up the cum bar without awakening him.

Attack On Eren

6.19K Played1 Comments

Attack On Eren - Attack on Titan gay sex animation by Lustrous.

Flash Guy Valentine’s Day 2014

4.22K Played1 Comments

Shinobudama Senpai Nugashi

13.94K Played1 Comments

There are 2 endings with this flash porn game: Good Ending: You confess your feelings and the feeling is mutual. You move in with your senpai and fuck like wild monkeys. Bad Ending: You disgust your senpai and you b...

Rhythm Strip Club

3.05K Played1 Comments

Adult arcade game by WagnerMutt.

Warming Sensation

3.43K Played1 Comments

Bright sex game for adults - Warming Sensation by ZonkPunch.. Help this unicorn experience a magnificent orgasm! Enjoy flash sex games for gays on our site.