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The Dark Knight Rises

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Sexxi Batman! Fun animation with Batman! Sensual hero goes to save the world!

Castro Cummunity Theatre 5: A Star Is Porn

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Castro Cummunity Theatre 5. Cool adult gay animation with familiar characters. Watch porn animation for gays on our website!


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Fennec - Gay furry game.

Flooding The City 2

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Flooding The City 2 - Macro furry gay sex animation by Washa.

Keric In Shirt And Tie

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Do you like tenacious individuals? They are dependably look decent and constantly prepared to support somebody. On the off chance that you wanna fuck Keric you have such an opportunity in a provocative gay game "...

My Personal Driver

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Gay porn game

Skwisgaar Blue

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Two sexy men with blonde and black hair have touchable bodies and immense balls that hide a lot of sperm that must be freed by the player. So men wank each other's huge batons and by clicking the button you make guys ...

3D Virtual Gay

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Here you can enjoy male body and fuck a cute guy! Masturbate his main muscle and make him cum. Play with his cock and tease the dickhead!

Lusty Labyrinth

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Lusty Labyrinth - Male edition. Gay furry RPG game.

Mike And Josh

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Mike as usual spent time in his university dorm room. But soon appeared his new roommate Josh. After a short communication Mike decided to sit closer to Josh and caress him...

Soarin Wonderbolts

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Soarin Wonderbolts - Adult MLP animation.

Durarara yaoi game

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This is a beautiful story in the form of a yaoi flash porn game. Here you can discover the several sex scene drawn in the hentai style! Enjoy!

O Freunde, Nicht Diese Töne

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O Freunde, Nicht Diese Töne - Angelus Tenebrae gay loop.

Sharing In The Sauna

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Sharing In The Sauna - Furry sex loop by PalmarianFire.

Save Your Ass

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Boy Vampire Dress-up

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Young twink boy is a vampire and you have to help him pick out an outfit. Make man of the night look sexy because he is going out with loved man and have a night of gay love with him in the moonlight.


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Aliemated - Furry mini gay sex game by Das.

Bukkake! by Dudedle

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Mini porn game, you need to cum on the wolf! Pour warm sperm this cute furry animal. Enjoy the gay game!

Lust For Love 2 – Seating

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Play Lust for Love 2 Seat and persuade the boyfriend to sit on your rock-stand dick. Fuck him and bring pleasure to both of you! Enjoy!

Adulterers the cave

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The Adulterers is an very ancient and secret society wielding the powers of divine fuck. When a new big planet filled with power sexual radiation was discovered, the Adulterers were of course the first to investigate....

Darwen Foreskin

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Darwen Foreskin - Interactive male furry animation.

Train Surprise

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Gay furry sex game.

Wonderful Day For A Picdick

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Wonderful Day For A Picdick - Interactive furry gay sex animation by Jasonafex and Kabier.

Goat Demon

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Goat Demon - Gay loop.


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Awankar - Avatar flash game by Garyu. Great porn game for gays. Caress this handsome, that he would have fun! Enjoy this xxx game!

Easter 2009

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Tom Of Finland

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Tom Of Finland - Tom of Finland cartoon gay sex loop.


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Furry gay xxx mini game. See how Zaush Masturbates! Huge sexy gay wolf! Enjoy this porn animation!

Beach, Butts And Brewskies

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Beach, Butts And Brewskies - Furry gay animation by Jasonafex and Amun.

Space Dandy: Meow

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Furry gay sex game by ZonkPunch.

I’ve Been Waiting

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I've Been Waiting - Furry masturbation loop by Subuser.

House Of Morecock In Japan 1

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Cool gay sex flash game. Animation with the story of a sweet gay. Hot blowjob with blue-eyed stallion with a beautiful ass!

X-Men: Nightfall

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X-Men: Nightfall - Gay Porn game. Pump the Focus Meter up as the Cum Bar fills for a higher chance of a sticker ending. HINT: Unlock the Movie Mode and Bonus scene on Hard with a filled Focus Meter. Catch the running...


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Sex slave prep. Furry gay game.

Xmas Gift

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Two wonderful furry gays fucking on Christmas. See how they play in different poses! You can manage this porn game for gays.

Big Gay Bubba

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Akiro - Helping myself to RooPaws. Interactive furry gay sex animation by h0rs3.

Azul Experiment

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Mini gay xxx game - do you adore watching provocative man take enormous dicks? Have you been sitting tight for a gay small scale amusement that will satisfy the majority of your sexual wants? This grown-up glimmer mov...


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Drakon - Interactive furry gay sex animation by Garyu.

Castro Cummunity Theatre 6: A Hole Lot Of Glory

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Castro Cummunity Theatre. The sixth part is "Hole Lot Of Glory". Gay animation - the story of a few guys in the city of Los Angeles. Watch the porn story and enjoy a great blowjob.

Blowjob Bear

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Animal Ear Boy

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Great gay undressing game! This sexy guy is waiting for him to shove a big, muscular dick! Undress him and satisfy your desires.

Driver Dreaming

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Juggernaut Breaks In Magneto

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Juggernaut Breaks In Magneto - Gay sex loop.

At heavens gates

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Do you know religion’s attitude to gays? This  gay animation will show you the difference between methods and understanding of gay fact upstairs. Let’s see!

Triceratops Humping A Raptor – Hawt!

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Furry mini gay sex game - two male dinosaurs fucking

Rocket Raccoon Fapping

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Rocket Raccoon Fapping - Guardians of the Galaxy interactive gay furry sex animation by h0rs3.

Penile Experiment

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Short gay furry game.